Monday, October 16, 2017

Cromford, The National Stone Centre, and Wirksworth,

I arrived at Cromford at 10:05 this morning after catching my train and two buses, and then set off towards Wirksworth, walking up the street until I found the footpath that would firstly take me to the National Stone Centre via the perimeter of a mostly well-screened quarry.

It was very unusual weather and atmospheric conditions today, certainly not as forecast; which was for prolonged sunny periods. I could actually see the sun for most of the time, but it was an otherworldly flaring bright orange globe like nothing I've ever seen seems that planet Nibiru has finally arrived! The sun, as it was, wasn't casting any shadows though...and at times it was really dark. I could also sense the fizzing of static electricity around me and there was a metallic taste in the air. Quite an experience.

I didn't stay very long at the National Stone Centre; I spent most of the time looking at, touching, and reading about the various types of stone used for making dry stone walls...and how the walls are constructed. Marshall, one of my support workers, would be absolutely fascinated by this.

I needed to walk about a mile down the road into Wirksworth, where I lingered for a while to explore the town.

It wasn't long until I was in the countryside again, some very pleasant countryside too.

It was then an interesting and varied walk down to the busy A6 road.

The stretch along the road of about a mile wasn't very interesting at all though, but the weather was finally improving, and was very sunny for the final stretch along the canal towpath back to Cromford.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Gringley on the Hill, Drakeholes, Mattersey, Everton, Harwell, Scaftworth, and Bawtry

The weather forecast was predicting brighter conditions out to the east today and so that's the direction I travelled: I caught the Gainsborough bus and got off at Gringley on the Hill.

Gringley is a pretty village but it was cloudy when I arrived, and the best views were ruined by roadworks and scaffolding and so I only took the one photograph.

I soon found the footpath across the fields and then walked down the road to Gringley Lock - by this time the sun was shining.

I ate my food in a sheltered spot at the side of the towpath about thirty minutes later - I had some sandwiches made from a Kentish apple and sultana loaf. This was very nice; I haven't had it before, I had it with just butter...nothing else.

I left the canal at Drakeholes and walked along the road towards Mattersey.

I reached a path going up Pusto Hill and then took another coming back down again...but a few hundred yards nearer to Mattersey.

The approach to the village along a footpath which runs parallel to the road is delightful.

After lingering in the churchyard for a few minutes I left Mattersey by taking the road that leads northwards to Everton.

Unfortunately there's a lot of scaffolding up at the church at Everton and so this shot was just about the only angle I could get.

I walked across the fields to Harwell and then took the lane which leads up on to Barrow Hills, an area of woodland where at the moment there are a lot of chestnuts just ready for gathering.

I came down to the main Bawtry to Gainsborough road and immediately saw the turn-off for Scaftworth. After sitting down for a few minutes on a bench on the village green, across from the pub, I continued walking along the road until I reached Bawtry and caught the next bus going back to Doncaster.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Leeds: The First Time I've Taken Photographs For The Blog

A few hours at Leeds today. I went with my brother and my friend and we met up with another friend for a meal in one of the pubs. My friend Justin from Doncaster is slightly disabled and can't walk very far and so whilst I had a quick walk around the city centre taking photographs he stayed in one of his favourite shops looking at the secondhand DVDs.

Today has been the first time I've specifically taken photographs in Leeds to upload to the blog, I've previously taken my camera to the city - but have only uploaded images of myself and family or friends to various social media websites.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tideswell And Wheston With Maureen And Chris From Leeds

As I was waiting for the bus at Sheffield Interchange a man came over and asked me what time the bus to Hathersage departs. I told him it would be 09:20 and mentioned that was the bus I was also waiting for. He then sat down on one of the seats near to me, but soon got up again as the 273 service arrived at the stand. Although I told him several times that this bus wasn't going to Hathersage he completely ignored what I was saying and proceeded to get on the bus. When the driver explained, and told him which bus he needed, he calmly got off, sat down right next to me and never said a word. I don't know why I bother with people sometimes; what was the point of him asking me for information if he then didn't believe a word I was telling him?

Maureen and Chris arrived at Fox House pretty much on time and we drove over to Tideswell, briefly stopping at Bradwell to use the toilets. There wasn't an empty car parking space near to Fountain Square in the centre of Tideswell so we had to turn round and drive up to the Market Square where there was plenty of room.

We walked up the road towards Wheston and took a bridleway off to the north west to reach Water Lane, a well maintained track.

We were only at Wheston for a few seconds, just crossing over the road and walking a few yards before reaching the next section of the walk, part of the Pennine Bridleway.

After a while all three of us commented that we were surprised at how muddy it was because there hadn't been a lot of rain in Leeds and Doncaster where we live.

Just before the path descended into Miller's Dale we turned left and walked across the fields and then a short section of road until we reached some rather photogenic ruins of a farm.

A short walk down a pleasant dale led us to the road in Tideswell Dale; we were able to use a footpath that runs alongside the road for a few hundred yards before needing to transfer to the pavement for the approach to Tideswell for tea and a scone in one of the cafes..

I asked to be dropped off at Brough on the way back; unfortunately I had to wait for fifty minutes for the next bus to Sheffield but used the time to check my photos and write notes for the blog.